London Festival of Architecture 2014: the big day!

BSA opened our doors yesterday afternoon as part of the London Festival of Architecture, hosting discussions under the title ‘Preserving the Future’. Using research extrapolated from the Office for National Statistics and LSE Cities, we presented London seven years from now in 2021, when the population will have increased by one million resulting in a demand for 800,000 new homes. Figures state that at current rates only 250,000 homes might actually be built by then. So where will everyone else go?

Using a series of illustrations first exploring the densities of global cities and how they could be applied to London, and then the densities of the London boroughs, we invited visitors to consider and speculate the future of the city and the issue of capacity. Do we densify areas within the city to satisfy the demand for housing? Or do we build peripherally, and release land from the Green Belt. Everything from vertical cities to decentralisation was discussed and visitors encouraged to contribute with their opinions. It was definitely a stimulating and interesting afternoon for the BSA team hearing what everyone had to say, and we hope that we provided people with some food for thought on this increasingly topical issue. We will be posting the presentation up on the blog soon but some snippets have been posted below (take a look!).