Louis Kahn @ the Design Museum

Architecture appears for the first time when the sunlight hits a wall.
The sunlight did not know what it was before it hit a wall.

Yesterday BSA went to visit Louis Kahn: the Power of Architecture on at the Design Museum. Kahn was an exponent of monumental architecture, skilfully playing with ancient principles of geometry, form and light with modern innovation. On display was a varied collected of Kahn’s work, from early sketches to 1:1 architectural models.

Drawing of the Acropolis

A sketch of note is one of the Acropolis in which Kahn, in his observation of the ancient ruin, invokes themes that resound in his own architecture – mass, light & shade, and geometric form – offering an insight into what the great architect revered most in his architecture.

Below are some examples of his work, pictured against their models: