The Dress Box

“Couture is an expression of Art” One of our clients has been involved in the fashion industry for many years, and has become an aficionado of style – building up an extensive collection of haute couture dresses. These are one-off pieces by top international designers including Christian Lacroix, Ricardo Tissi and Karl Lagerfeld, as worn… Read More The Dress Box


An enticing hipstamatic preview of one of our recent projects. The Gardener’s Retreat / Delicate Objects Repository – an intricately detailed and carefully crafted addition to an existing building, with full temperature and humidity control. A timeless arrangement of green oak, concrete, steel, copper, and glass.

Late Summer Sun

The board-marked concrete is looking great in the late summer evening sun, filtering through the trees surrounding the Gardener’s Retreat & Delicate Objects Repository, as the project nears completion. In time the materials will mellow and settle into their surroundings, and take on hues and patinas from the greenery overhead.